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Wealth Management for Business Owners


With the busy demands of running your company and wearing so many hats, your career and family, you simply don’t have the time to focus on your personal finances.

So you push it off. Or implement ad-hoc strategies from friends and advice you see on social media.

Would you run your company this way?

Don’t go it alone. Access your own financial team, like a CFO for your personal finances.



Your business could be the best returning asset on your balance sheet.


We believe investing in yourself is often one of the best ways to grow your overall net worth.

Your business is likely a huge wealth generator for you, but here's the reality of the financial services industry:

Many financial advisors are compensated solely based on asset management or selling you a product.

They want you to invest with them or buy their product, because that's how they get paid.

But we charge a flat-fee for planning. So we can strive to be completely unbiased in our recommendations.

We'll show you how your business fits into your overall net worth and accumulation picture.

Build toward your exit.


What's your number? Do you know what it means for you?

We help you start with the end in mind so you can live the life you want in the future.

By planning for your ideal exit now, you can begin making choices that could increase your business's value.

When you're ready to sell, transfer ownership to family, or capitalize on other opportunities available to you, you can feel confident that you've taken steps to put yourself in the best possible position.


Strengthen your risk management strategy.


Help safeguard your legacy as you plan for long-term success

As fellow business owners, we understand the importance of protecting the business you’ve worked tirelessly to build.

Unforeseen events and market fluctuations can jeopardize your life’s work.

That’s why comprehensive risk management strategy is crucial.

We'll partner with you to help pinpoint potential risks, evaluate their impact on your business, and craft effective strategies to address them.

From essential insurance coverages for critical risks like death or disability to strategic contingency plans, we guide you in establishing a robust defense for your business. This holistic approach aims to protect your legacy and long-term interests.

Tax Strategies Checklist for Business Owners

As a business owner, you’ve got a lot on your plate, and navigating the complex world of tax planning can feel like an added burden.

We designed this tax planning checklist specifically with business owners like you in mind.

Use it as a starting point for identifying key areas to maximize your savings and minimize liabilities.


Tax Strategies Checklist

Who We Help


We might be a right-fit team if:

  • You are an owner of a quickly growing or established business.
  • You have a combined total of at least $2M in assets.
  • The idea of having a personal financial team resonates with you

Think you may be a good fit? Here are our core offerings for business owners:


Untitled design (2)


Designed for business owners who are actively growing their businesses and personal wealth.

This service includes:

  • Goal Setting
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Budget Planning
  • Debt Management Planning
  • Asset Allocation Planning
  • Personal Risk Management Planning
  • Retirement Planning
  • Wealth Accumulation Planning
  • Education Planning
  • Employee Benefits Planning



Designed for business owners who have achieved a level of success and stability in their ventures.

This service offering includes:

  • Goal Setting
  • Asset Location Strategies
  • Budgeting
  • Distribution
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Legacy Planning
  • Long Term Care Risk Evaluation
  • Savings Strategy Development
  • Social Security Planning
  • Health Insurance Planning
  • 5-yr Cash Flow Analysis
  • Asset Allocation Planning





Designed for business owners who are preparing to exit their businesses and transition into retirement.

This service offering includes:

  • Goal Setting
  • Asset Location Strategies
  • Budgeting
  • Distribution
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Legacy Planning
  • Long Term Care Risk Evaluation
  • Social Security Planning
  • Health Insurance Incorporation
  • 5-yr Cash Flow Analysis
  • Asset Allocation Planning
BestInStateWealthAdvisors__RecDavid Silver, CFP®, CEPA, 2024 Forbes Best-in-State Wealth Advisors for FL, published April 2024, research by SHOOK Research LLC, data as of April 2024. Compensation provided for using, not obtaining, the rating. 


The New Client Experience

1. Fit Meeting

Let’s start with a no-pressure, discovery meeting to listen to your objectives and see if our planning-centric approach fits your needs.

We believe we're best suited for those who appreciate collaboration and want to be actively engaged in creating their financial strategies.

If you’re seeking a partner who consults rather than sells, we might just be the right fit for you.

2. Data Gather/Fact Finding

Once we confirm a good fit, we’ll dig deep into your financial picture, exploring your vision, values, and the detailed quantitative data of your assets, liabilities, income, and expenses.

We’ll work together to set clear, meaningful goals—whether that’s securing a comfortable retirement, creating a lasting legacy, or impacting through philanthropy.

This collaboration lays the groundwork for a personalized financial strategy that aligns with your unique circumstances and long-term aspirations.

3. Preparation of Recommendations

Our team of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals and Enrolled Agents (EAs) will use their expertise and advanced tools to craft a financial plan uniquely tailored to your circumstances.

Whether reinvesting in your business is the best route or diversifying through other strategic investments, our objective approach seeks to ensure your interests are prioritized.

We’ll provide recommendations that aim to encompass a holistic view of your finances and align with both your personal and professional goals.

4. Plan Presentation

In a series of meetings, we’ll present a comprehensive view of your financial status and the options available, serving as a true partner in understanding your wealth.

We’ll discuss the advantages and challenges of various strategies, addressing your concerns and ensuring you are comfortable with the proposed direction.

Ultimately, we’ll recommend a holistic financial plan that serves as a roadmap aligned with your goals, values, and aspirations, to help guide you toward your envisioned financial future.

5. Implementation

Once your financial plan is finalized, we’ll work with you to prioritize and implement recommendations, connecting you with other needed professionals like attorneys or tax experts for a coordinated approach.

Throughout this process, you’ll receive concierge-level support from our team, seeking to ensure every detail is managed smoothly and effectively.

We’ll break down the implementation into manageable steps, keep you updated on progress, and adjust the plan as needed to keep you on track toward your financial goals.

6. Progress Review

We’ll schedule regular meetings to review your progress and adjust strategies as needed, seeking to ensure you remain on track to meet your financial goals.

During these sessions, we’ll assess any life changes affecting your finances, celebrate your successes, and discuss potential optimizations based on market conditions and your evolving needs.

Our commitment includes maintaining open communication and aiming to provide clear insights to help empower your informed decision-making.

It's time to talk.

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Our approach is integrated, strategic and instrumental in realizing your vision for your wealth.

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