What is a fiduciary

What is a Fiduciary?

A fiduciary refers to a person or organization that acts on your behalf, prioritizing your interests over their own, in an effort to preserve good faith and build trust. As such, here at Instrumental Wealth, we are both ethically and legally required to act in your best interest.  

As wealth management consultants, we have experience in helping clients build wealth, but our financial prowess isn’t what makes Instrumental Wealth an investment fiduciary. As a fiduciary, we are legally accountable for managing investments in support of our client’s financial goals



Here are the benefits of working with a fiduciary



  1. Transparency

While some financial planners may offer ‘free advice,’ it’s an effort to steer the customer towards specific products. At Instrumental Wealth, we charge a fee for our financial planning services. We listen to our customers and develop a plan based on those needs, and we do not make a commission on investment products. 

  1. Minimize Conflict of Interest

The sole interest of a fiduciary is to help you, the client. For this reason, fiduciaries minimize conflicts of interest when making investment decisions on your behalf or when recommending financial products. If any potential conflicts of interest should arise, we will disclose them so you can decide the next course of action with full disclosure. 

  1. Avoid Incentive-Based Sales

While fiduciaries make investment decisions on your behalf, they avoid putting your money in incentive-based sales for financial products. 

  1. Ethical Trust

Fiduciaries are legally and ethically bound to prioritize clients’ best interests ahead of their own. This means we must be honest and act in good faith. As such, you can trust us to do the right thing and make the best decision regarding your investment. 

Working with a fiduciary ensures access to the advice and guidance you need to save for retirement, maximize your earnings, and achieve your primary financial goals. If you need help planning your future, the knowledgeable advisors at Instrumental Wealth can help build your unique retirement portfolio. 




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